When purchasing luxury garage cabinets, our clients want them to perform well, last forever and look amazing. With our cabinet accessories and options they can select the appearance of certain features, and/or add additional storage functionality.

Iconic Cabinets come standard with accessories that compliment their design and/or extend their storage capabilities. However, as each garage project is unique, we offer an extended grouping of accessories and options. These additional options set us apart from our competition and allows our clients to achieve the desired appearance and storage functionality they want for their garage.



One of the simplest and most dramatic ways to customize the visual appeal of your Iconic Cabinets garage environment is through the selection of one of our gorgeous countertops. We offer multiple finishes, from stainless steel to powder coated steel.

4 Options Available.


Backsplashes improve the appearance of a cabinet bank and improve the durability of the wall behind the cabinets. Our backsplashes come standard in checkerplate aluminum, and are sized according to the opening between counter and the bottom of the upper units.

2 Options Available.


Base channel picks lower cabinet units off of the ground for a more comfortable working height, and creates a “kick area” underneath. This area allows you to get closer to the cabinets and helps to make whatever you’re working on easier to access.

8 Options Available.


Standard Iconic Cabinets taller than 18 inches typically include at least one shelf as standard. Additionally, to enable our clients to extend the storage capabilities of their cabinets, we offer additional shelving as an option.

8 Options Available.


The miscellaneous accessories allow our clients to make those tiny changes that make a world of difference to the design and functionality of their Iconic Cabinets. Feet, casters, and latch options available.

6 Options Available.

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